Distillation Design Mcqs


Components heavier than the heavy key are finally

A) Recovered in the Condenser B) Recovered in the bottom stream
C) Recovered in the Upsides stream D) Not recovered
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Recovered in the bottom stream

Explanation: Components heavier than the heavy key are finally separated at bottom stream and light key at the top.

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When the temperature is plotted against the equilibrium vapor, then it is called

A) Condensing Curve B) Dew Point curve
C) Equilibrium Curve D) Bubble Curve
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Dew Point curve

Explanation: The (T-y*) curve is called as Dew point Curve, Where T is boiling temperature, and y is the equilibrium moles of the gaseous components.

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An azeotrope occurs, when there is same _______

A) Bubble Point B) Boiling Point
C) VLE Composition D) Pressure Equilibrium
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) VLE Composition

Explanation: An azeotrope occurs when the composition of a vapor in equilibrium with a liquid mixture has the same composition as the liquid.

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Sometime the reboiler is also considered as the

A) Reflux item B) Extra equity
C) Heat extractor D) Extra Stage
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Extra Stage

Explanation: The reboiler is sometimes used as an extra stage of operation of distillation, because the heat dissipated is also considered in the calculation of trays.

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Gilliland Correlation is arranged to estimate the

A) Numbers of Stages B) Numbers of Reboiler
C) Numbers of Feed D) Numbers of Column
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Numbers of Stages

Explanation: Gilliland Correlation is arranged to estimate the Numbers of Stages at finite reflux ratio, while reboiler is only a unit piece of set.

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Molecular Distillation is

A) For heat sensitive materials B) Very low pressure distillation
C) High low pressure distillation D) Purge pressure
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Very low pressure distillation

Explanation: Molecular Distillation is done for very low pressure distillation operations, while batch distillation occurs at high pressure and temperatures.

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Which system can be said as an Ideal system that obeys?

A) Henrys Law B) Daltons Law
C) Phase Rule D) Cremer’s rule
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Cremer’s rule

Explanation: The system that obeys Henry’s and Dalton’s Law is called an ideal system, as they are derived from the ideal gas relation PV=Nrt.

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For an infinite number of plates required, the desired separation

A) Hardly possible B) Finely possible
C) Can’t be specified D) Assumable
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Hardly possible

Explanation: At infinite plates for reflux ratio, the desired separation is just barely possible, while for fixed number of trays the separation can be assumed.

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