Optical Communication Mcqs


The ______________ approach can provide interconnection among multiple site locations within 40 km range.

A) 3 Gbe B) 5 Gbe
C) 1 Gbe D) 10 Gbe
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 10 Gbe

Explanation: The 10Gbe approach uses a 40 km window range. It can be used in LANís and MAN. It provides switch-to-switch network within data centers.

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Optical Ethernet provides switching capabilities in layers ________

A) 1 and 2 B) 2 and 3
C) 3 and 4 D) 1 and 4
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) 2 and 3

Explanation: Layer 2 and 3 are data link and network layers. IP routing is usually considered to be ? switched network. Thus, unlike conventional LAN, optical Ethernet provides switching capabilities between layers 2 and 3.

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The ___________ protocol is not used when the Ethernet connections are configured for a full duplex operation.

Answer & Explanation Answer: C) CSMA/CD

Explanation: In Ethernet connections, the full-duplex operation situation may lead to an increased frame dropping rate. The dropped frame cannot be detected without collision. Thus, CSMA protocol is not used in full duplex mode.

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Length field in MAC frame ensures that the frame signals stay on the network in order to detect the frame within the correct time limit.

A) True B) False
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) False

Explanation: MAC frame includes Length field to identify the type or length of the network protocols. The data field is used to ensure that the frame signals stay on the network long enough to detect the frame within the desired limit.

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Ethernet switches support multiprotocol label switching.

A) True B) False
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) True

Explanation: Ethernet switches support multiprotocol label switching. This feature is desired mainly in MAN. The use of such switches in LAN exceeds the network capabilities.

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_______________ is the de-multiplexing technique used to split SONET bandwidth into logical groups.

A) SDH B) Virtual concatenation
C) STS-1 D) Optical breakdown
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Virtual concatenation

Explanation: Virtual concatenation (VC) is basically a splitting technique. It can split the SONET bandwidth into groups. These groups may be transported or routed independently.

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The _______________ provides point-to-point access to a bidirectional single-mode optical fiber.

A) Optical regenerator B) Optical session
C) Optical distribution node D) Optical buffer
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Optical distribution node

Explanation: The ODN is abbreviated as Optical distribution node. It can access an optical fiber on a point-to-point basis. Thus, a single mode bidirectional optical fiber can be accessed by an Optical distribution node.

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Which of the following is not included in the Ethernet frame format?

A) MAC B) Preamble
C) Destination address D) Source address
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) MAC

Explanation: The Ethernet frame format includes preamble, destination and source addresses, length, data and the check sequence. MAC is the protocol which is used for sharing the network nodes.

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